your first visit  Elmhurst, IL
At Elmhurst Smiles, we are dedicated to keeping you informed at every appointment,especially your first one. Unless you’re in pain, usually your first appointment is information gathering. Of course, we’ll focus on your oral health, but we’ll also ask important questions about your overall health (called ‘systemic’ health).

Unless you have current x-rays forwarded ahead of time, we often take digital x-rays.Dr. Gotsch also uses a digital camera to show you how healthy, or unhealthy, your teeth and gums are. He’ll also perform a detailed oral cancer screening, followed by a TMJ, or jaw-joint, evaluation.

Throughout the exam, he explains what he sees, using descriptions that are easy to understand. He also encourages you to ask questions along the way.

We’ll text your health and dental history forms once you set up your first appointment; please fill them out beforehand, that way we can see you on time. If you have dental insurance, make sure you bring your insurance card since we need to copy it.

Our office is wheelchair accessible. If you have any special needs, please alert us ahead of time so we can treat you safely. If this appointment is for your child, you or a guardian needs to accompany them.

Please call us at (630) 834-8055 or text us at (708) 401-6746 with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!