about our dental office  Elmhurst, IL
Dr. Gotsch started Elmhurst Smiles with the belief that he’s not simply working on a tooth, rather he’s caring for a patient. Secondly, he and his Team realize that a patient’s oral health is related to their systemic health, or “whole-body” health. And believe it or not, your oral health, your ability to enjoy a meal, and even your smile play roles in supporting your emotional health.

Once we make sure your teeth and gums are healthy, we’ll ask “What’s important to you?” Not everyone gives the same answer. Yes, the most common response is, “I wish my teeth were whiter,” however, many of our patients who are empty nesters often ask, “Am I too old for braces?” Our goal is to answer, and then resolve your concerns. We offer a full range of services; plus, when necessary, Dr. Gotsch collaborates with equally caring and compassionate specialists who provide solutions to more complex dental issues.

If you are looking for answers, please call Elmhurst Smiles at 630-834-8055 or text us at 708-704-6746. We look forward to meeting you!